Ebay customer support outsourcing

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Outsourcing Call Center Jobs To India Leads To Bad Customer Service

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Ebay Customer Support Outsourcing

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Customer Service for ebay store Haiwaiyi(Oversyee) Project is a platform to help Chinese local e-commerce sellers to sell products oversea. We need each customer service staff to serve 2 or 3 ebay stores, the products in these 2 or 3 ebay stores will be in the similar category.

Call Center for eCommerce Sellers. Amazon or eBay accounts into an an outstanding customer service focussed business? Multilingual call center, Sales Outsourcing, Outsourced Customer Support thru our virtual call center. Delighting customers sincecheck with us once before investing in hiring staff or signing up with fly by night.

Convergent Outsourcing complaints and reviews. Contact information. Phone number: +1 Customer Support Phone Numbers. Toll-free: (Stop Calls) 1 0. Phone: This collection agency sent me a bill claiming I owe them money on a bill for an Ebay account.

I do not have an ebay account. I will never have an ebay account. There are currently also signs that the trend toward outsourcing call center jobs to low-wage countries like India or even the Philippines may be slowing down. 84 Responses to “Outsourcing Call Center Jobs To India Leads To Bad Customer Service I am tired of getting call centers in Mumbai for every tech support or customer service.

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